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Focus Sales Reps with CRM Mapping

The power of Bing Maps brings you a way to visualize your CRM data to drive better decisions within your sales and marketing team.  Guess what happens when sales rep are making productive decisions regarding whom to call and how to make more efficient call planning – they sell more!   Will more insight as to where customers and prospects are located help marketing better target their lead efforts?  Maps let you achieve these outcomes.

Create the ability to map leads, accounts, and contacts right inside your Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. Enjoy effortless access to one click visual data of any contact in your CRM database. InfoGrow offers solutions for every level of CRM mapping need.

CRM2Maps - Free Version
CRM Call Planner

CRM2Maps – Free Version

This FREE mapping tool is powerful, visual, and easy-to-use.  With just one click, you can convert a CRM record into a map with street, image, or a bird’s-eye view. You may also retrieve driving directions to the displayed location from any address.

CRM2Maps is configured for use with CRM 2011 Online, and On-Premise.  Bing Maps supports language localization. Download it here.

Directions to Contact or Leads 
Automatic Image View
Bird's Eye View

The tool no sales rep should be without. Help reps better spend their travel time by putting all their calls in the same proximity.  Let mapping take them to the next level, planning their face to face meeting with customers and prospects. CRM Call Planner lets you filter by your specific CRM data, such as sales per year, and number of employees and build a radius around a call location.  See results on a single, convenient map. Then use CRM Call Planner to set appointment with the desired targets.  Click Here to go to our dedicated CRM Call Planner website.


Location data can benefit more than just sales reps. Inside your data is the key to visualizing market share, location planning, customer density, service planning and so much more. Let InfoGrow build a custom mapping application tailored to your exact business needs. Finally enjoy an intuitive, easy to understand visualization of your data that drives understanding and better decision. If you can visualize it, we can build it.

These are just a few of the things you can achieve with a custom mapping application:

  • Enable marketing and sales reps to see which customers and prospects to target
  • Allow sales reps to build travel activity based on proximity to existing customers
  • Understand market share for sales territory optimization
  • Better determine service zones by customer locations with drive time
  • Easily evaluate competitive risk and opportunity
  • Pinpoint customer behavior in relation to changing retail/service locations
  • Assign service reps by availability and proximity
  • Visualize demographic customer/prospect segmentation by trade areas


Visualizing your data leads to better understanding, and better understanding is the first step in making better sales and marketing decisisons.


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See our blog post for more examples and information:

The Power of Dynamics CRM and Bing Maps


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